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Winter Update!

Hey everyone. So, what the hell happened to November?

Seriously though, everything has been moving so fast around here lately that we've decided to take a breath and take things nice and slow in December. As we wind down these last few weeks of the year we want to take a second to thank you for all your support and with you and yours an amazing Holiday! In the meantime don't worry, while the Summer Rain crew might be on vacation, we put down one last recording session to make sure you are all well taken care of until we come back in January, That's right, new episodes every week, wheel never stops turning. So you'll likely hear soon, we ARE going to be shutting our store down at the end of the year, We're not thrilled with the relationship we have with our vendors and we're going to put the breaks on the store until we're happier with the situation there. So that said, consider everything in the store limited edition because we can't promise that the same products will be available. It's not all bad though; The hangout is still on track for the 19th of the month, same time same place. Beyond that, we've been talking and we've got some great ideas for the future and we can't wait to get started on season two in January. Take care of each other and we'll talk soon! Porter!

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