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Porter, for real!

So hey guys the balls on my making the first post on here since 2022 right?! Obviously you guys know we haven't been ghosts, I just hate updating the site is all and I figure this is the least important part of the RAI. But I've got something to say this time so look at this, an update post! So as you know we've taken a break from the normal episodes since the beginning of the year, well that's over now. As of next week we're going to be back to normal with an Actual play followed by a normal episode and man we've got an exciting one on the way, I don't want to say anything until it's out of editing but keep your eyes open and those of you on the discord, we'll you'll hear about it first. But i just wanted to take the second to thank you all for everything and let you know that the wait is over my friends!

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