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Host, Storyteller, Garou Guru, Webmaster.
Character Representation: Jude Thunder-Fury Rydel

Host of the show, Porter  first picked up a werewolf book back in a time called the 90's. After making fun of the friend who handed him the book he actually opened it and started reading. After 5 or 6 crappy games Porter started telling his own crappy games and the rest is history.
Today Porter works alongside his new pack to put on a show in hopes to entertain, inform and inspire.
In the rare free time Porter hopes to grow the podcast fulltime and build an RAI video game team alongside the TTRPG community

The Scratchin' Wolf Crew


Daniel Tyson

Producer, Co-host, Editor.

Character: Jeager Gore-Fist Philodox, Get of Fenris

Daniel Tyson got his Start in Rp'ing as a favor to Porter. After his first few steps he was all in.  It was Danny and Tom, hungry for knowledge but without the time to sit down with a source book that put the idea of the podcast in Porter's head.
Today Danny has honed his editing skills to the point where he's saved more than a couple episodes exclusively in the editing bay. 



Tommy Dickson

Guest Host/Questioner of content

Character:  Crimson Ghost Ragabash, Fianna

Also new to the RP scene, one day Tom got an invite to his co-worker Danny's house and 15 minutes later was being interviewed for a spot in Porter's game. Oddly he didn't run, so i guess we spent all that money on chains for nothing.  
Despite being the Ragabash Tom's level head has kept both Danny and Porter from more than a couple terrible decisions over the years and will probably continue to do so as time marches on.

Unfortunately Tom has recently learned that he is about to be a father, forcing him to take a much small behind the scenes role on the team but he'll always be here in spirit.


Our Mission

We seek to cultivate a community, to build a digital Sept where players and storytellers can come together get to share ideas, give and receive advice as well as partake in the collected resources that we will provide. Simply put, we want to be your online hub for all things Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Won't you join us?

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