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Store Update!

I'm going to keep this one short but you know how I like to keep folk informed as to what's going on. due to our desire to keep ship costs low we accidentially set up a situation where those larger orders were eating up all of our profits. Now we are thrilled by and love the support you're showing us, we're honored please keep it up, just don't want to go broke. So three things have changed... #1 We have increased prices on many items #2 Some items will no longer ship outside of the US; those are clearly marked. We'll try to find some international vendors soon. #3 WE ARE NOW OFFERING FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMS I hope you understand the changes made. This seems to be the happy medium here I did my best not to change prices more than I had to. I wanted to take the moment to let you guys know what was going on. Thanks for your time Nation!

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