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Porter, Where have you been?!

So okay, first off, Sorry for the silence on the homepage but as you know we have been plenty active on discord and we haven't missed a beat knocking out episodes for you guys! That said as part of out New Year Resolution here at Scratchin' Wolf Studios I'm going to make sure to not neglect the site again. With that out of the way, how about Season 3?! January is going to be backed with some episodes we're not only really excited about, but that we've had planned for months, so it's great to finally be in a position to lay those down for you guys. Of course, that also includes our rapidly approaching 100th episode!

In other news expect some changes in store for both Discord and the store. We're going to be launching some new products and don't worry, no color changes for season three. All in all we're still here and still committed to bringing you the best show we know how to do. thank all of you for your support and hopefully with that support and engagement we can make season 3 better than the last two years combined.

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