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Has it been a month already?

So yeah, late again. better to miss a monthly update than an episode right? Did I get away with that? Score. Okay, so we got some good stuff coming. In the next few weeks we're going to have an episode featuring an old friend, a new friend and speaking of new we have new equipment! You're going to love the new sound and you're going to hear it next month as we work through our backlog. Also new if our little family has grown! So let me officially welcome our friends Mythical Ace and The Grizzled to the team! They'll be taking over as our official editing team and in fact you've already heard some of Ace's work, you just didn't know it. In Discord News we're thinking about making some changes there as well, so if anyone is interested in a community manager position hop on into the discord and we can have a chat. Best part, the position doesn't pay at all! As always thank you all so much for listening and for your support! Also I decided to go a little old school for this post, as you can see, so a quick shout out to Ariana Hirsch who gave us that awesome season Season 1 Art. If you want some of your own you can find her right here. Tell her we sent you! Alright y'all that's all for now and don't forget to send any questions or episode suggestions to our e-mail Take it easy! ~Porter

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