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A bit of a catch up...

There have been some crazy steps forward here in this last month so I thought it would be a good idea to go over everything that has been going on. As August comes to a close so does our Drive Thru contest, with a little over a week to go now is the time to get those final entries in. Odds of winning are pretty good so don't be shy. You can add your entry with here Our shop is now open! From Coffee mugs and Water bottles to T-shirts and socks and a few things in between. there is always room for more products so if you've got an idea for something we don't have or a style we didn't think of let us know, it's entirely possible we could make it happen. Patreon is live (thanks again for your support guys) the month rolls over on the first and rewards hit around the 14th of every month. Poll for the hangout movie will be up by the 24th. Our Discord is doing well and our Discord game is up and running. You can learn more on our forums and/or Discord if you're interested in playing. We're two days shy of our 25th episode with plenty in mind for the future. We want to thank you for all your support and here is to the next 25! ~Porter

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