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Something, something Valentine's

Happy February nation! We find ourselves in the shortest, yes somehow busiest month of the year and we're holding on for dear life. We started with an interview with a record breaking interview with Mr. Gone (thanks for that) come face to face with the launch of Earthblood and we've still got a surprise or two in store for you. So first up about Earthblood, with both our 50th episode and our 1 year anniversary on the horizon we've got some episodes that just can't move and what's more we've got a few in the can already so between that and our schedules there was just no way we were going to be able to cover Earthblood on time. What we're going to do on, is go hands on over Valentine's weekend and do that let's play, maybe even a live stream with Danny and I. That said the idea is that Earthblood content is going to be YOUTUBE EXCLUSIVE For you wonderful Patrons, thank you again so much for your support, expect to get a message from Patreon on Sunday the 7th confirming the hangout date. Last month was a blast as always and it'll be great to get together with you again. this month. That's all for now, keep checking back with us for updates and don't forget to swing by the forums or the discord for your werewolf needs. Talk soon nation! ~Porter

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