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Re-openings and Work arounds!

What's up nation, we've had a good month or so in the new studio and things have been moving along nicely. With the summer fast approaching we unfortunately have a more restricted access to Tom as personal commitments start to conflict, but that just forces Danny and I to get creative! while we've still got your favorite Ragabash in studio as often as we can we're also looking toward friends of the podcast as well as some of our very own discord community to help fill in the gaps. What are we up to next? Well never tell but we're always open to your ideas! Speaking of Discord, we're please to announce that the store has Re-opened! Stock will be expanded somewhat on the regular so keep watching and listening for new products, but this month, as a special promotion all discord members get access to a one time 10% promo code (the code is pinned to the assembly area) so make sure you take advantage of that! As always we want to thank you so much for all your support! Talk soon, and see you patrons at the end of the month for our hangout...or just y'know on discord just about any other day of the week. Take it easy!


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