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Happy 2021!

Happy New Year Nation! Danny dropped a little something in Discord the other night and I felt it was worth repeating, so with that in mind, take it away Tyson....

Hey everyone! As the end of this year comes to a close, the team here at Summer Rain Studios and Rage Across The Internet would like to thank all of you for joining us on this crazy journey that we started back in March. It has been an absolute blast. Don't take any of this the wrong way though; As long as we have something to say, we'll keep bringing you more episodes. There will be more jokes, and more discussions.

Most days, we keep the conversations going here on the discord even between each of the episodes, but there is a good handful of you that haven't said a whole lot, or even anything at all. Not saying that this is a bad thing, but we are saying that your thoughts don't need to be unseen and unheard. We want to know what you want to hear, whether it be episode ideas or just general feedback. Tell us what you're thinking. It won't fall on deaf ears. Again, we want to thank all of you for the continued support. From the patrons, to the ones who’ve listened to one or two episodes, and everyone in between. Having all of you join us through all this craziness sure has made all of our hard work worth it. Happy New year everyone. And lets face the 2021 apocalypse together!

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04 de jan. de 2021

Hi Danny and Rage Across Folks. Thanks for the poke about Discord. I actually have posting to Rage Forums/Discord regularly as my New Year's Resolution. Here's to a wonderful 2021 full glorious talk about WtA.

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